Ameesha Bhudia

Proud firefighter, Power lifter, Palak pioneer

Meet Ameesha, her grandparents are Gujarati, but her parents are Kenyan. She lives in London and works as a firefighter. In fact, she’s the only Gujarati female firefighter in London!

But that’s just for starters. She’s represented Team GB at Judo from the age of 12 and she’s also a powerlifter and a former MMA fighter. But most important of all, she loves spending time with her family and her six-year-old boy!

Ameesha loves making Indian food with her mum and grandma, especially Punjabi dishes. She’s a wizard with Palak, but also loves giving other foods a twist, like putting cumin, coriander and chilli… in pasta!

Palak Halloumi Kati Rolls with Chilli Chutney

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