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Our range of authentic spices inspires and creates rich moments, full of real South Asian flavour. Whether in the recreation of traditional recipes, or in experimenting with a new culinary twist, or simply connecting someone with a loved one or with their culture. Explore our range of fantastic spices from ground spices to masala blends and seasonings, we’ve got you covered.

Real people,
real stories

 Join Rajah Spices as we celebrate everything that it means to be British Asian. Explore the richness and share in the joy. From people with incredible stories, to wonderful foods that come together in a way that’s deliciously vibrant. With a little help from authentic Rajah Spices, let’s live a life more flavoured

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Food More Flavoured

We’re celebrating British Asian culture with delicious recipes.

Aman’s BBQ Feast with Raita

Aman has lit the tastebud flames with a real barbecue feast, all spiced to perfection.

Ameesha’s Palak Halloumi Kati Rolls with Chilli Chutney
Anoushe’s Celeriac and Kale Pakoras with Coriander Chutney

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