Bradford more flavoured

Bradford is such an amazing, diverse city. A melting pot of cultures, backgrounds and foods. Busy and bustling, it’s alive with energy and passion, brought to it by its amazing people.

Bradford More Flavoured is our series of films that shine a light on some of this amazing town’s characters, places and flavours. Celebrating the stories and food that make Bradford what it is.

Alpha United Juniors FC

Football club, community champions, food lovers.

Alpha United came together in 2013 when a passionate bunch of individuals wanted to give local kids something positive to do.

Completely voluntary, this dedicated group wanted to give kids a safe place to play football and help them grow as young people.

They’ve grown from strength to strength ever since. Their amazing work in the Asian communities has not gone unnoticed either. King Charles III named them Coronation Champions in 2023, that’s their fifth national honour.

Food plays a massive part in their organisation, too. From epic banquets at award ceremonies, to top-of-the-league samosas and kebabs on match days.


Property developer, food fanatic.

Meet Zaynab. She’s a young woman that’s been renovating and flipping properties in Bradford since she was 19.

She has bucket loads of hands-on experience of building and construction work, turning her hand to painting, plumbing, electrics and more. Busting the stereotypes in the industry, she’s a real trailblazer in the Halal finance industry.

She’s also a big foodie. There’s nothing she loves more after a hard day on site than exploring Bradford’s rich and vibrant restaurants and takeaways. A rich lamb shank being one of her favourites!

Samosas & Scones

Community group, book authors, spice specialists.

Say hello to the people of the Parish of Girlington, Heaton and Manningham. It’s a group who help and support the people of Bradford in so many ways.

Based at St. Paul’s church in Manningham, they’re an eclectic mix, many of whom were born elsewhere, but have ended up in the great city Bradford.

Food plays a massive part in many things they do. Together they’ve learnt how to cook classic British foods likes scones and Yorkshire puddings, as well as share Asian recipes they love to cook at home.

They’ve even created a cookbook that celebrates the dishes of their birthplaces.

Cannon Mills Market

Meeting place, focal point, food emporium.

Welcome to Cannon Mills Market. Nestled in the predominantly South Asian BD7, it’s a vibrant gathering place that unites the local community every weekend.

The market is a real hub for the local people and community. A place full of energy and camaraderie. Where traditions intertwine with modern day. Families mingle, elders reminisce, and kids love the bustling atmosphere.

People come from all over to sample the food stalls that showcase flavours from across the globe. Colourful spices and blends, exotic vegetables, delicious samosas and the tastiest dishes ready to enjoy.