Wembley grooves to the flavours of Bollywood and Rajah Spices

Wembley grooves to the flavours of Bollywood and Rajah Spices image

Rajah Spices made it a Masaledar Weekend with Bollywood dance and the taste of home!

The colours of Bollywood and flavours of authentic South Asian spices took over the London Designer Outlets at Wembley Park, brightening up a dull Saturday! The year 1931 not only marked the release of the very first Bollywood film, Alam Ara, but also the birth of Rajah Spices bringing a ‘taste of home’ to the UK. Rajah decided to celebrate both occasions.

Aspectacularfifteen minute-long dance performance by choreographer ShiamakDavar’s troupe surprised passers-by with their high-voltage energy. Blue balloons as well as popcorn infused with Rajah Spices added to the electrifying ‘masaledar’ atmosphere.

The performance ended with a Bollywood masterclass by Shiamak London, which saw hundreds of adults and children join in. Sunrise Radio presenter Anushka Arora shook a leg with the audience and did a live broadcast of the event.

With Shiamak’s troupe, tadka of Rajah Spices, desi-flavoured popcorn and masaledar freebies, the unique event captured Rajah Spices and Bollywood’s glamourous and sumptuous journey of eight decades into one beautiful performance.