Rajah Spices launches new Masala Blends at special event

Summer 2019 was certainly brightened up with the launch of Rajah’s new Masala Blends range! Made to ensure you always have an authentic ‘taste of home’, each blend is designed to enhance the flavour of any dish you make.

Several well-known food and media personalities gathered to taste a selection of dishes prepared by two fantastic food bloggers: Radhika of Radikal Kitchen and ZalehaOlpin, who shot to fame after her Masterchef appearance in 2018. Using each of the eight versatile Masala Blends in the range, both Radhika and Zelaha ensured that each starter, main and dessert had a delicious and authentic flavour of its own that everybody loved.

Fourteen unique dishes were served throughout the evening, from Radikal Kitchen’s delicious Mumbai Chicken Rolls, which used Rajah’s Chicken Masala to Zaleha’s traditional Malaysian Dum Biryani, seasoned with Rajah’s Biryani Masala. As every Masala Blend in the range is 100% vegetarian, Zaleha also added Chicken Masala to her vegetarian Mee Goreng Mamak.

To add to the vibrance, award-winning Rangoli artist, Rohit, created a mesmerising rangoli using only Rajah’s spices.

All ofRajah’sspice blendsare high-quality, preservative-free, and carefully prepared by expert Indian and Pakistani chefs. For longer freshness they come in resealable packs and when added to any dish, they instantly enhance their taste and emit an irresistible aroma.

Wembley grooves to the flavours of Bollywood and Rajah Spices

Rajah Spices made it a Masaledar Weekend with Bollywood dance and the taste of home!

The colours of Bollywood and flavours of authentic South Asian spices took over the London Designer Outlets at Wembley Park, brightening up a dull Saturday! The year 1931 not only marked the release of the very first Bollywood film, Alam Ara, but also the birth of Rajah Spices bringing a ‘taste of home’ to the UK. Rajah decided to celebrate both occasions.

Aspectacularfifteen minute-long dance performance by choreographer ShiamakDavar’s troupe surprised passers-by with their high-voltage energy. Blue balloons as well as popcorn infused with Rajah Spices added to the electrifying ‘masaledar’ atmosphere.

The performance ended with a Bollywood masterclass by Shiamak London, which saw hundreds of adults and children join in. Sunrise Radio presenter Anushka Arora shook a leg with the audience and did a live broadcast of the event.

With Shiamak’s troupe, tadka of Rajah Spices, desi-flavoured popcorn and masaledar freebies, the unique event captured Rajah Spices and Bollywood’s glamourous and sumptuous journey of eight decades into one beautiful performance.

NEW: Rajah Recipes with award winning chef Dipna Anand

Variety is the spice of life and we at Rajah Spices know you’re always looking for meal time inspiration and ways to add your taste of home to every dish. That’s why we’re always looking for new ways to experiment with our spices, helping you in every style of cooking.

This year, we’re proud to announce our Rajah Recipes series in collaboration with Dipna Anand, an award-winning celebrity chef and author – giving your desi classics a masaledaar twist and adding some desi tadka to some British favourites.

Whether it is Chicken Makhani in a Pie or a sprinkle of spices on your cupcakes, a dash of chocolate in your halwa or a masaledaar tadka to your cod, every month we’ll bring you a variety of mouth-watering recipes with a contemporary twist. Follow our unique recipe journey to add a taste of home to every dish.

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